Strapping tapes

A wide selection of polypropylene or polyester tapes allows them to be flexibly adapted to the goods. When strapping packages, cartons or product packages, polypropylene tape will be helpful. On the other hand, securing the goods with the use of polypropylene or polyester tapes will work well for larger loads, such as furniture, boxes, windows on racks and others.

Tapes with print

The tape can be a great promotional and informative tool.

The highest-quality, durable and aesthetic print (logo, text/information or photo) is an original way to promote your brand.
Tape with print is perfect for both automatic and manual devices.
The BOSKY team will help you determine the best solution when choosing the type of tape and printing
You gain:

  • standing out from the competition
  • additional protection against unwanted interference
    (no possibility of resealing after opening)
  • promotion

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