Our clients’ priorities are our priorities

BOSKY is a company with an established position in the packaging industry, especially in the food industry. For over 20 years, we have been improving our offer in the field of automation of the packaging process: we deliver individual machines and devices, we design and implement complete packaging lines, and we provide professional advice. We help in making the right purchase, giving priority to the individual needs and capabilities of buyers, taking into account the specificity of the market and current trends.

Our mission is based on the belief that the product packaging, in addition to its protective function, must meet a number of other requirements, depending on the needs of consumers and the positioning of the product on the market. The packaging maintains the freshness of the product and at the same time is its advertisement, it is an element of the company’s promotion, it shapes its perception. That is why BOSKY has the latest technologies in its offer and introduces innovations not only in the field of packaging, but also in operating processes. Both safety and convenient organization are, in our opinion, important criteria while designing packaging lines.

BOSKY’s strategy is characterized by the pursuit of building a partner relationship with the client, based on trust and long-term cooperation, so that the benefits of comprehensive service bring reliable and long-lasting results. Customer satisfaction, both with the proposed systems, packaging and with the services provided, is and will always be our key goal. Therefore, in order to reduce the costs of the packaging process, we look for optimal solutions in terms of functionality, design and price.


Our company is a reliable partner in the automation of packaging processes! BOSKY advises and develops the investment concepts most optimal for the user. Our goal is customer satisfaction at every stage of our comprehensive service. Our priority is after-sales technical support at the highest level.


  • We consider common values to be the foundation of business success and cooperation.
  • We feel responsible primarily to our employees, clients and suppliers, but also to our European society.
  • Our values are based on mutual respect and observance of the law, freedom of opinion and tolerance.
    In relations with others, we are guided by the principle of our own identity, creating relationships based on respect, so that we are credible, friendly and reliable.

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