Strapping tapes

A wide selection of polypropylene or polyester tapes allows them to be flexibly adapted to the goods. When strapping packages, cartons or product packages, polypropylene tape will be helpful. On the other hand, securing the goods with the use of polypropylene or polyester tapes will work well for larger loads, such as furniture, boxes, windows on racks and others.

Polyester (PET) tapes

meet the most demanding quality standards – they are suitable
for all automatic and semi-automatic belts
They are characterized by very high tear resistance
almost twice as high as PP tape) while
maintaining high flexibility, which
prevents the load from loosening during transport.

The use of the tape allows you to effectively secure loads
using a minimum amount of materials. This has an impact on ecology
and costs.

We recommend PET tape *:

  • PVC-free and 100% recyclable
  • less dust in the head: extends the operating period of the machine, reduces downtime for maintenance purposes
  • resistant to weather conditions *, meets the European Union standards included in the circular economy concept
    and the plastic strategy.

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