Industrial and collaborative robots

Collaborative robots are used in two application scenarios: cooperation between the worker and the machine, where they share responsibilities within one task, and in their separate activities, with the person and the robot in the immediate vicinity. The most common roles of cobots are lifting, component handling, assembly, packaging and palletizing. The sizes and weights of the elements are important because the load capacity of typical collaborative robots is up to several kilograms. Additionally, the limited range and low speeds of movement make it impossible to use these machines. In all applications where the use of cobots is not possible due to their characteristics and above mentioned limitations. Alternatively, due to the limitations of cobots, our company offers industrial robots. We count the time of cycle, efficiency, ROI and many other indicators, and on their basis we select the appropriate model of robot. For many applications and industries, a typical industrial robot is statistically much more profitable during implementation and guarantees faster return on investment. The industrial robot is best suited for a cell that ensures the planned efficiency of the application and employee safety.

Our partner for both collaborative and industrial robots is Yaskawa.

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