Ergonomic lifting and carrying with Hovmand

Convenient and ergonomic transport in warehouse logistics, trade and industry

All types of materials and packaging must be relocated daily in production halls, warehouses and points of sale. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially when the items are heavy, which is common in an industrial environment. Material handling consists of delivering canisters and barrels from the warehouse to the production site. Materials in buckets should be poured into other containers placed above waist height. For packing machines, packaging materials, e.g. on rolls, must be often transported from a pallet, turned over and loaded in a hard-to-reach place, which means that in order to do that two people are engaged.

Hovmand technology makes the transferring of raw materials and semi-finished products/products an easy and intuitive process. One person efficiently and precisely transports even very heavy rolls, barrels, containers, etc. Advanced lifts for different containers carefully manipulate the goods to prevent damage, while reducing the workload of workers.  This has a positive effect on the production and warehouse efficiency as well as on the health of employeesLeave the hard work to reliable technology specifically designed for it, and let your employees take care of more delicate tasks.

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