AMR mobile robots

AMR mobile robots ensure optimal in-house logistics. They can carry loads of different weights, releasing human resources at the same time. It is possible to mount on them customized top modules such as containers, racks, lifts and conveyors which additionally streamlines the functioning of the production chain.

Depending on the needs, our AMR robots can transport objects with the weight of from 100 to 1500 kg. Full safety and efficiency of intralogistics is ensured by many additional modules supporting the operation of these devices.

The main advantages of AMR mobile robots:

Quick implementation:
installation without changes to the work layout and without the need to install any tags.

robots can be used for a variety of tasks thanks to different modules and an open interface.

they maneuver around people and obstacles, have built-in security scanners.

Increasing productivity:
they automate and optimize material flow in order to maximize the streamline of operations.

Fast return on investment:
predictable and efficient implementation costs.

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