Used machinery and rental

Renting or purchasing a used machine can be an excellent choice when reducing investment costs is a key factor in making a decision or when the machine is immediately needed. Using our offer of used, exhibition or demo machines is associated with many additional profits, including the possibility of ordering maintenance services, including full machine starting, training, obtaining documentation of the machine’s history, comprehensive supply of original spare parts or software updates.

Machines offered for sale or rent are each time subject to technical inspections, and if necessary, also renovation, including retrofitting with all original mechanical and electrical structural elements and control circuits and replacing heavily worn parts in accordance with the current standard. In addition, we often provide a limited warranty in case of buying a used machine.

To meet the expectations of our clients, for many years, in addition to selling new and used machines, we have been offering packaging machines rental. The rental service is an excellent and flexible solution for companies that have a specific job to do within a specific period of time. The rental service includes not only the machine, but also technical consulting, insurance, maintenance support and assistance in organizing the transport of the machine.

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