Strapping and wrapping machines

Appropriate securing of products/loads for shipment is one of the key stages of the packaging process, which has a significant impact on whether they reach contractors in a proper condition. We provide single machines and complete end-of-line systems (end of packaging lines), which include devices for strapping pallets with straps, wrapping pallets with stretch foils, as well as devices for transporting pallets.

We optimize the selection of machines and transport lines according to the client’s requirements – cargo and budget. We design, deliver and integrate machines and complete lines based on solutions produced by our leading partners – Reisopack (horizontal and vertical machine strapping pallet with tape) and Pieri (with a rotary conveyor, arm and ring stretch film wrappers). Our end-of-line solutions can be retrofitted with modules and peripheral devices according to individual client’s requirements, e.g. automatic corner installation systems, marking or labeling systems for pallets, scanners, lifting and pallet replacement systems.

Transport systems for products and pallets

When making a decision to purchase automatic palletizing, strapping or wrapping pallets stands, in most cases, necessary elements of the complete production line, such as properly selected systems for transporting products and empty or full pallets should be taken into account. Based on detailed client’s data regarding product characteristics, performance, space, access, communication routes and many other factors, we design and select the appropriate types of horizontal / vertical transport lines and other devices in order to guarantee the smoothness of production processes while optimizing the use of space designated for installation. We focus on customer’s active participation in the designing process, both at the stage of determining the data and production requirements, as well as working on the initial concept and final solution, because only jointly invented systems guarantee full satisfaction and a fast return on investment. 

Examples of elements of transport systems:

  • roller, modular and belt product conveyors,
  • roller, chain, belt pallet conveyors,
  • pallet turntables,
  • pallet transfer roller tables,
  • swing trolleys with the function of collecting full pallets and giving empty pallets,
  • vertical product lift transporters,
  • automatic warehouses for empty pallets,
  • automatic stackers and pallet stacker,
  • other.

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