Innovative banding: Proband

PROBAND stands for innovative banding:
saving energy and resources
increasing the comfort of the packing company, clients and consumers

The currently dominant non-returnable beverage packaging and heat-shrinkable packaging cause considerable inconvenience for the buyer, seller and manufacturer. With PROBAND, by using bands, you reduce the quantity and increase the quality of collective packaging.

Bands instead of foil

Thanks to the banding machine, products of the same or different types can be easily combined into a handy package. As an official representative of the German manufacturer, we offer a whole range of banding machines from the S&P project offer. PROBAND these are semi-automatic mobile machines or automatic machines, available in different versions and therefore perfect for any application.

A special feature of PROBAND is the innovative quick exchange frame.

The frames are designed so that different widths of bands can be processed with just one hand. Depending on the product scope, we offer the appropriate size of the frame. Due to the simple handling, the frame can be changed in seconds.

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