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BOSKY service philosophy

As a leader and reliable partner in the process of packaging systems, BOSKY advises and develops optimal investment concepts for the users. The main purpose is to satisfy our Customers at every stage of our comprehensive suite of offerings. Our priority is to provide the highest level of after sales technical service.

Crucial planning is required in order to achieve this goal.

The basis to achieve the aforementioned goal is to provide high quality solutions and products that are tested in use and guaranteed to bring longterm benefits. We supply all necessary certifications for machinery and frequently provide additional testimony for ergonomics, safety and user friendliness. Before putting our systems into service, we provide training for both technical and maintenance personnel. All machinery/equipment offered by BOSKY is serviced throughout its’ life span. We carry a comprehensive inventory of original spare parts as well as provide technical support via phone line. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge required to resolve your problems. Our dedicated staff will take care of all the logistical aspects in-order-to quickly respond to customers’ needs.


Depending on the profile of service you select, we offer individual maintenance service.

1. Our own replacement parts stock

We have a stock of original replacement parts for the machines we sell. It allows us to deliver the parts you need within a 24 hour window.

2. Consumable parts package

For most of our machines, we offer a replacement package, containing parts that tend to wear-out with use along with user friendly manual for unassisted replacement. This can greatly reduce production downtime and service costs.

3. Professional package of critical spare parts

For Customers with their own maintenance department we offer a package of critical spare parts to further reduce machine downtime, without outside assistance.

4. Telephone consultation

Our technicians will advise you and assist in solving your problems, without additional costs.

5. VIP-type SAT service

24/7 service package with short waiting and execution time, as well as customized Client technical assistance expectations which can bespecified in VIP service agreement.




Maintenance Service

Spare Parts Sales


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