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Lease of Machinery


Machine lease is a proven solution especially in cases such as:

  • Testing new packaging methods without involving large capital
  • Increased packaging efficiency during periods of increased demand
  • Replacement device for the time of repair and / or general inspection of owned machines
  • Introducing innovative solutions without incurring higher own costs


Benefits stemming from leasing machines from BOSKY::

  • The lessee does not bear the own costs for the purchase of machines, thanks to which it is easy to plan the costs of maintaining the equipment in the budget for the whole period of the lease
  • We provide a professional installation of the subject of the lease
  • Before starting work, we train the staff in preparation for operating the device
  • As a rule, machines have a warranty for the duration of the lease
  • Our company provides fast and professional technical service



We treat each of our clients individually, which is why we offer several lease options. If, after expiration of the lease period, you have the need to keep the device and continue to use it, we offer attractive terms of purchase or extension of the lease.


We will be pleased to provide you with additional information about the lease of machines at BOSKY, please contact:

We are at your disposal to find the best solution for the packaging process.

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