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Bosky is a company with a well-established position in the packaging market, particularly in the food sector. For more than 20 years we have perfected our services in automation of packaging.  We deliver machines and devices, design and implement whole packing lines, and provide professional consulting. We assist the client to make the correct purchasing choices; prioritizing individual needs and capabilities of our customers, while taking into consideration the industry specifications and global technological trends.

Our mission is based on the belief, that the packaging of the product is more than just a protective container. It has to adhere to the customers’ needs and the products’ positioning in the market. Packaging keeps the products fresh, it advertises the product and the producer, and it affects the perception by the general public/consumer. This is why Bosky is based on state-of-the-art technologies that help innovate not only the form of packaging but also the process of packaging itself.

Bosky follows a strategy that has aspired to build partner-like and trust-based cooperation with customers from the very beginning so that benefits of comprehensive service offering can bring them notable advantages and long-term relationships. Our Clients’ satisfaction with system designs, packaging and services, that we provide, is and always has been our top priority. That is why we select optimal concepts from the perspective of performance, packaging design and line cost, while keeping reduction of manufacturing costs on our minds.

Our Clients’ satisfaction with system designs, packaging and services provided by us is, and has always been, our top priority. We stand by it as our primary focus of business and believe it will shape our company for years to come!

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